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Happiness #6

Living out here in the country means that if you put cat food out, they will come.  I'm not just talking about one extra cat, they show up in droves.  But they are amusing, especially as you start naming them based on personalities.  We've got one black momma cat that I can't get my hands on that keeps having kittens under the house.  This litter is especially cute right now, there are three little fluffy siamese in it (somehow they managed to have white spots on their feet still after their markings are showed up).

Apparently we've got another momma kitty (didn't know she was female) that decided right in front of my yard gate, in the gravel, was an ideal place to give birth.  Not like there aren't a billion other places to stow up around the farm.  A few years ago one cat had a litter of kittens on top of a storage closet in one of the buildings about 10' in the air.  As of this morning there were five kittens in her batch.  This was after I found the fifth one that had apparently crawled under the fence and out in the yard.  I added it back to the litter and she seems to have accepted it back into the fold.  There is one all black, two that are mostly black but have some tan stripes, one that looks like a jersey cow and then the little white one.  I'm hoping she keeps the kitties there ( I covered her up with the wheelbarrow for protection) and we can tame them.

Happiness #5

So today didn't really start off on a bright note.  I hate firing people, even if they deserve it.  If you want to know the details, ask me the next time you see me.

So to remind me of the good things in life....Happiness #5

I have a wonderful husband that truly loves me.  Plus he does laundry.

Oh yeah, he's even making dinner tonight!

Happiness #4

The smell of fresh cut grass....always make me feel better for some reason.

Happiness #3

Its raining....again....this isn't natural.  This is the second wettest year we've had since 1948!

So here is to remembering sunny days!

I'm not sure who did it, but someone planted about 20 acres of sunflowers down the road from us a couple years ago.  It was so cool to drive by when they were blooming.  I don't know why they did it, because they never harvested them and just let them go to seed.  The following year a few came up again, but it was mostly weeds.

Happiness #2

Einstein meets my new fluevogs.....
Have I ever mentioned I hate writing?

That's probably the reason that I've had a LJ account for umpteen weeks and never posted anything.

I've found myself contemplating making a list of things that I appreciate, make me happy, tickle my fancy, cause me to giggle, etc., for quite awhile.  I think the hope is that it will keep my spirits up in the face of things like being at the center of rumors or getting chewed out by the boss for stuff that isn't your fault (I'd like to take Dana's advice and tell him to blow it out his ass, but I don't think Dad would appreciate that), or just when having to deal with stupid people.

So I don't know if I will ever post anything of much substance, but it will make me happy.

Happiness #1
Pondering what people would do if I changed my SCA name to Shannon and convinced Shannon to change his to Reginald.

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